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Cigarette Odor Removal

Cigarette Odor Removal | Ozone Pure Air - Orange County, CA

If you’re a long time smoker, there is no doubt that you’ve become more than used to the smell of cigarettes and cigarette smoke. But, even the most...

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Fire Damage Odor Removal

Fire Damage Odor Removal | Ozone Pure Air - Orange County, CA

After a disaster such as a fire, there will be some damage that is irreversible. This includes the remaining odors that linger after the fire has been...

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Food Odor Removal

Food Odor Removal | Ozone Pure Air - Orange County, CA,CA

One of the worst smells out there is the smell of old and rotten food. Anyone can forget that they have old food sitting in the fridge or cupboard...

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Over time, harmful and disturbing odors can build up in the places you would least expect. Even if you are a clean person, these malignant odors can stick to your car, home, boat, and other places. These odors come from cigarettes, food, and natural causes. If there was a fire, the leftover damage can leave odors. Ozone Pure Air is a company that has developed a revolutionary new method for removing those odors.

Ozone Pure Air uses the ozone molecule to eliminate those pesky odors. This includes cigarette odor removal, fire damage odor removal, and food odor removal. If you have tried to remove odors from these places with little to no success, then Ozone Pure Air is the solution to all of your problems. This isn’t a typical odor remover that only masks odors instead of eliminating them; Ozone Pure Air uses ozone, which can destroy the actual molecules and bacteria that cause the odors.

Ozone Pure Air can remove odors that have been consistent for years. Odors such as cigarette odors and fire damage odors which are particularly difficult to remove can be eliminated right from the molecule by Ozone Pure Air. This is something that commercial air fresheners, cleaning products, and standard odor removers cannot accomplish alone.

These lingering odors can not only be bothersome, but they can be harmful as well, especially when it comes to cigarette odors. It is best to remove them as soon as possible, especially those odors that exist within the home. These odors can carry bacteria that are bad for the lungs and the breathing passageways. They are also harmful to people who have respiratory illnesses.

If you are in Orange County, CA or surrounding areas,and need to have odors removed from your home, car, or boat, contact Ozone Pure Air today! We eliminate odors!

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